Matte Lips Just In Time for Fall – Pumpkin at 55L

As we begin Fall, bright bold colors continue to attract attention on the runway. Many designers pair a very simple eye, a liquid liner and not much else then add a gorgeous matte lip.

8.20.2013 Face Paint Fall Lip AdYou’ll find the new 55L item suits this to a tee. You can wear with some of your other Face Paint separates, or use the bold lip over other makeup tat layers to get a unique style all your own.

8.20.2013There are several other colors coming soon. You’ll want to grab them all. Whether you love to dance and go clubbing in Second Life or find yourself trekking across runways to reveal new fall designs, this new lips set will be a perfect addition.


This Week, Glam It Up For 55L

This week, Eve pulled out all the stops to help you get ready for fall.

Face Paint Glam Navy 8.12.2013One from the new series Glam is yours this week for 55L. An egyptian kohl eye pairs with kissable dewy lips, all to enhance your overall look.

If you’ve been traveling this summer, on vaca, or just changing things up with all that summer brings and have just returned, ready to send children off, change gears and settle in for the fall, we’re glad you’re back and can’t wait to see you at Face Paint!


Friendship Builds the Foundation of Our Lives

This week two good friends of Eve modeled for Face Paint and both photos are beautiful shots showing you the perfect summer shimmer whether you’re female or male.

Face Paint Cara Makeup Set AdThe Cara sports a bright green shadow, suitable to all those bold monochrome designs in your favorite shades of green and perfect for the summer’s hottest sellers. Also, a sweet juicy gloss paints the lip a perfect pair of kissing smackeroos.

Face Paint Male Gloss & Liner Set AdThis debonair darlin`proves that a masculine face with chiseled features determined to make someone special swoon ~swooooons~ like me. The clear polish adds a bit of that lusty juicy look to your mouth too and definitely make you appear even more kissable. The liner reveals those vividly expressive eyes well. And don’t despair ladies. Many of our items sold or at least aimed at the male market look awesome on the ladies as well. Don’t be shy, try try try.



A New FPGem “You Stole My Heart”

This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary of Face Paint. You’ll find treats and teases to encourage you to become an avid Face Paint fan if you aren’t already.

FPG 7.27.2013One of those little treats is a new Face Paint Gems called “You Stole My Heart”. You’ll find that some of the gems that come from us can be modified to wear on different parts of the body, and this set is shown on the cheek or shoulder, with a copy of each found in the box. You could also use them on the navel, at the ankle and so many other things. Just have fun with it and enjoy the celebration with us as we reflect back on 2 years and look excitedly towards the future. There are group gifts and this weekend, joining our group is Free. It’s a perfect time to add Face Paint to your groups! See you there.


Another Year? Already…

This week we continue our look back over the last year and have items marked down, but the sale will be wrapping up very soon. If you haven’t been by to find your extra special deal, you need to come soon.

Face Paint Perfect Lip & Liner VendorThe new 55L item will be available soon, a pretty blend of liner and lash with a soft summer sweet lip.

Face Paint 2 year GiftYou will also find a gift celebrating our second year anniversary, butterfly skin art that dazzles and adds character to any outfit. I had it on today with a very formal gown and only the butterfly up by the neck showed and it was perfectly set just above the upper hem of the gown!

I hope to see many of you soon. I know there are holidays and exciting things coming in our near future. Please contact me when special things happen in your life. We are a group of people who care for one another and cheer one another on, and that includes you. This week, we learned that one of our models placed as a finalist for Chop Zuey Girl and we want to encourage you to visit Chop Zuey and vote for her, Zoomy Bluebird.



A Sale to Blow Your Mind!!

Face Paint logo rework 2

How many of you love sales? I know I do. This week, Eve Express – owner and designer of Face Paint – marked every fat pack down to 200L (or less) and other sales as well. If you’ve been waiting for a good deal, or are on a limited budget, this time of year is perfect for you.


And coming soon, Face Paint offers a photo of the month contest. Additionally, caryn Ashdene will offer nearly free photos to those who do not know how to capture photos in Second Life and edit for profile or portfolio. (Cost of upload only.) Prizes differ from month to month, so we encourage you to start snapping those photos. More news coming soon.

First we have to have our summer blowout sale, then celebrate our anniversary, and only after we’ve done both of those will we begin this new program. I can’t wait to see how you style your Face Paint products.

You Don’t Even Have to Water It – New Flora at 55L

This week, Face Paint has an entire new line out for you with an array of beautiful combinations of eyes and lips and colors you can mix and match.

Face Paint Flora adTrinity has on Storm, and looks fantastic with the exaggerated cat shaped eye and the beautiful glossy lips that are both so big in fashion this summer.

7.10.2013 bI’ve taken the Flora eyes, such a terrific cool green shadow with the same cat shape liner. Then used a favorite of mine from other individual collections of the past, the Berry Lip in the Gloss series from last summer. Because Eve has been making it so you can wear only part of a look in separates as well as including the full face, you’ll find countless new applications for you to make your own perfect look.

New Today – July 4th – 55L Items – Nyree

This week, there are 5 different options in the Nyree set released for you for 55L each.

FP NyreeGet Nyree today and enjoy it with all your summer fun, indoors or out, and have a great holiday if you celebrate July 4th!

See you soon



So Many Things Have Occurred While I Was Sleeping

I have talked to Eve today, and caught up a bit on all the news that has been Face Paint since May began. I told her I felt a little bit like Rip Van Winkle, sleeping for 40 years to wake up and find the world has changed dramatically.

FP 1As you step into the new build (yes that changed too while I was sleeping!!) to the right, there are a number of recent releases that look familiar, but if you turn to your left as you arrive, a while array of new greets you. One thing Eve brought back were the individual pieces. Instead of packing makeup with eyes, lips, blush and more into one look, you’ll find pieces like this soft and oh so hot and popular this summer, a perfect gloss to add to any of your other favorite Face Paint looks.

FP 2There are also some sets that were created and layered for those of you who have only one layer allowed on your viewer, as well as separated for those of you who can layer your tattoos up to 5 layers deep, making it more about mixing and matching for the perfect YOU look.

FP 3Some of my favorite pieces at Face Paint have been the one time design pieces like the Mime, and Harlequin. This latest Destiny presents an artistic and dramatic look for you to combine this summer with some of your dynamic favorite outfits.

FP 4Other new pieces reminded me of items that were sold at Face Paint when I first began working with Eve, but the updates on these pieces make them very current, and absolutely necessary pieces to add to your Face Paint folder. Several colors and designs enhance your hands like these blue nails.

FP 5


Mesh lashes work so much more easily than prim lashes. You can adjust for size and shape just as you can with the prim pieces, but the mesh makes your eyes stand out far better than previous prim lashes. You’ll find several colors available at Face Paint, and with color infused into every layer of makeup offline, it’s logical to find it at Face Paint, like these blue lashes and liner.

FP 6The thing I regret missing most – the fantastic fashion show – with the Mirage Skin Art pieces displayed. There are many looks in this category, taking the body art that’s been a part of Face Paint’s history, that take the artistic level to the maximum level and push the boundaries of amazing beauty and sensuality.






Something New to Wear in Sunlight… or Moonlight

This week’s stunning 55L item comes with the rich summer hues, bright and ready for a day in the sun with friends…

Moonlight Face PaintOr put on your newest ‘face’ and enjoy a riotously exciting night out in this week’s “Moonlight”. That neon lips is one of THE hottest colors this summer.